We research the areas we see as instrumental in changing the way healthcare is delivered.

Everything we do at Chilmark Research is based on our conviction that IT can transform healthcare, if deployed, adopted, and used effectively. Decision makers need to understand what is at stake, who will use the technology, and in what capacity. None of this is straightforward in today’s environment of government initiatives, outcomes-based payment models, and provider consolidation. Chilmark Research delves into immature markets and presents clear, forward-thinking analysis so healthcare providers can make informed strategic decisions.

We focus on technologies with the greatest potential to improve patient care. Our current areas of focus include

  • Health information exchange to support transitions in care and improve continuity of care
  • Analytics that increase insight into the health of populations, recognize trends, and identify patients at risk, to enable decision support at the point of care
  • Consumer-engagement technologies and strategies that will ultimately help bend the cost curve in healthcare
  • mHealth because health is mobile, especially when it comes to chronic conditions and aging in place
  • Remote monitoring and telehealth solutions that extend patient-provider interactions beyond the office visit

Proven Research Methodologies

Chilmark Research uses primary and secondary research to understand what areas of healthcare IT are working, what areas require caution, and how given sectors of the market will develop over time. We continuously test assumptions about healthcare IT, vendors, the market, and end users, and share the results with our clients.

  • Primary research — We solicit qualitative and quantitative data about the market from targeted stakeholders first through questionnaires and then through in-depth interviews.
  • Secondary research — We monitor industry reports, regulations, news and commentary for relevant trends and insight into the strengths and weaknesses of emerging technologies.

Throughout the research process, Chilmark Research maintains absolute objectivity. Profiled vendors have the opportunity to review their company narratives for accuracy, but not the rankings. This can at times be awkward, but independence is essential to our ability to deliver a clear, unbiased snapshot of the market and its offerings, and we go to great lengths to maintain it.